Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Candygram?
A Candygram is a Valentine's card with one of over 150 creative stock messages, separated between three categories of "Like", "Love", or "Lust". Candygrams include: A special edition card with 150 messages to choose from, delicious assorted gummies assembled by Spoonful's very own Candy Creations, a McDonald's coupon, and of course postage is included.
Who can I send Candygrams to?
Candygrams can be sent to husbands, wives, friends, co-workers, teachers, etcetera – the list and possibilities truly are endless.  Candygrams also have no geographic boundaries and can be mailed anywhere in Canada!
What types of stock messages are available?
150 creative stock messages are divided between 3 categories: Like, Love & Lust (new messages added every year).
May I choose a custom Candygram message?
Customization of Candygram messages is only available on bulk orders of 50 or more.  Quantities less than 50 are able to select from the 150 creative stock messages already available to suit any taste and desired expression.
How much does a Candygram cost?
Each Candygram costs $10.00 and proceeds support A Loving Spoonful’s programs and services.
Who is this Fundraising for?
A Loving Spoonful, a charity that supports individuals and families living with HIV and in many cases co-existing illnesses. They deliver ready-made and nutritious meals to men, women and children living with HIV who are unable to provide food for themselves because of medical or health conditions.
How many Candygrams are available?
4000 Candygrams will be available to the public on a first-come, first served basis.
Are these available for corporate/bulk orders?
Yes!!! Certain companies have already pre-purchased Candygrams for their staff or customers. To place your corporate/bulk order please contact our office staff at 604-682-6325. A minimum order of 50 is required and a custom message can be provided.
When is the deadline to order Candygrams?
Eastern Canada* orders must be placed before February 2rd 2024
Western Canada** orders must be placed before February 5th, 2024
Metro Vancouver orders must be placed before February 6th, 2024
Order deadlines are designed to ensure delivery prior to, or on February 14th, 2024 but we do not guarantee the Candygram card will be delivered before Valentine's Day. Candygrams are sent by Canada Post.
*For Mailing Purposes we categorize Eastern Canada as: SK, MB, ON, QC, NS, NB, NL, PEI, YT, NU, NT
**For Mailing Purposes we categorize Western Canada as: AB and BC outside of Metro Vancouver

How do I order and pay for Candygrams?
Simply visit our order page, select your Candygram recipients and your messages, and then pay for your order using any major credit card or by calling 604-682-6325. Unfortunately we are unable to accept Debit, Visa/Debit or email transfer payments. Cheques will be accepted and can be mailed in or dropped off with all order details prior to the above listed deadlines.
How can I help?
Participating in this campaign offers multiple options including purchasing Candygrams yourself, volunteering to help assemble and prepare Candygrams for shipment ( or sharing about the Candygram campaign amongst your personal and social networks both on and offline.
How will Candygrams be promoted?
A Loving Spoonful already has both interest and commitments from multiple print media outlets, an association with a leading radio station, multiple followers on a variety of social networks, and an engaged mailing list of over 5,000 supporters and friends.

Additional advertising will be generated through social media initiatives, email marketing, and coverage through media partners such as television, radio and websites. If you require additional information related to this topic please contact us at 604-682-6325.
Do I get a tax receipt for my Candygram purchase?
The $10.00 Candygram amount is a direct transaction of goods for purchase , and therefore does not qualify for a tax receipt. However, should you wish to make an additional donation, we will be creating tax receipts for any additional donation amount over $20.00. Thank you for your support!