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Corporate Involvement & Team Building

By partnering with corporations, A Loving Spoonful can extend its reach and impact by accessing new resources, funding, and volunteers to better serve those affected by HIV and co-existing illness.

Developing relationships with corporations

Developing relationships with corporations is an important strategy that helps A Loving Spoonful fulfill its mission and improve the lives of all people affected by HIV and co-existing illness. 

Many people with a chronic illness live in circumstances not knowing if their next meal will be accessible. Our program staff and volunteers work with these individuals to ensure they can reduce barriers to food security, feel supported and work towards overall better health outcomes. 

In addition to helping individuals and families coping with HIV to live healthy and productive lives, nutritional support helps over the long term with economic stability.

Your Money at Work

A Loving Spoonful delivers 200,000 free, nutritious meals to individuals and families living with HIV and co-existing illness in Metro Vancouver. 

Our average meal cost for this program is only $4.89 due to the financial support provided by Vancouver Coastal Health and our donors.

A Loving Spoonful receives 80% of its funding from private donations and grants, rather than government funding.

Administration costs are kept low at A Loving Spoonful with a small team of staff and many more volunteers. 

Corporate Involvement

Your donation has a HUGE impact as A Loving Spoonful only receives approximately 20% government funding. By making a corporate donation your leadership is demonstrating the company’s commitment to making a  positive change in the very community in which they do business.

Thanks to our dedicated corporate sponsors, A Loving Spoonful has been able to extend its reach, expand programs and provide high quality and nutritious meals to those who are HIV positive. Through their support we have been making a positive impact on the lives of thousands in the Lower Mainland who face barriers to accessing appropriate and good quality food.  Unique opportunities for Corporate Sponsorship are available.

Looking for a way to make a difference in your workplace? A Loving Spoonful can help you organize A FUN and meaningful volunteer meal packing activity at our facility. You can also coordinate an “in office” fundraiser, food drive or collect donations to support those living with HIV and co-existing illness in the community.

Looking for a fun and creative way to make a difference in your community? Host your very own fundraising event for A Loving Spoonful and help provide meals and nutritional support to those who need it most! Whether you raise $100 through a lemonade stand or $100,000 through a large scale event -we appreciate your initiative and community spirit to help as much as you can.

A Loving Spoonful is always happy to receive non perishable food/snack donations and personal care items such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo etc. to include in our clients snack packs. We are always in need of and actively seeking in kind/surplus donations to use in our commercial production kitchen.

By partnering with companies or individuals that offer matching gift programs, A Loving Spoonful supporters have the opportunity to make an even greater impact on the lives of those affected by HIV.

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