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In House Events

  • The Great Big Give
  • Candygrams for Valentines’ Day
  • World AIDS Day Luncheon – on Pause
  • Project Empty Bowl – on Pause

Events at A Loving Spoonful should be marked on your calendar, are not to be missed, and are always something you will look forward to attending. They have been a significant source of revenue for the organization over the years.

Due to Covid 19 two of our events remain on pause while you can still enjoy participating in The Great Big Give in December each year an our Valentines’ Candygram Campaign.

Events at A loving Spoonful

Join A Loving Spoonful’s Great Big Give presented by Scotiabank. This fun and entertaining breakfast is sure to start your day of right! Come down to A Loving Spoonful’s kitchen, tour the facility and make your Holiday donation.

Make someone’s day a little sweeter with A Loving Spoonful’s Candygram; a fun, thoughtful and delicious way to support those in need. Only $10 on sale January 15th at

Our Signature event is currently on pause.

Our Signature event is currently on pause.

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